Our Story

The Little Sparrow was first dreamed in 2008 by two women, Allison and Megan. Allison was unable to find enough ethical children's products for her sons and Megan was looking for opportunities to work in the fair trade industry.

Allison, a mum who has always been passionate about social justice and human rights and has travelled to Zimbabwe to work with HIV/AIDS affected orphans and The USA to work in a Summer Camp for economically and socially disadvantaged youth. She has also participated in social entrepreneurship programs.

Megan has worked in the childrens fashion industry as well as other fair trade consumer products; and has studied fashion and textiles both locally at RMIT University and abroad at FIT in New York. She is passionate about international trade being ethical, and used as a tool for sustainable, economic development.

The Little Sparrow began to take flight in 2009 when Megan and Allison visited producer groups in Bangladesh that were tackling poverty and exploitation by empowering marginalised men and women. This empowerment was real, with tangible, social, economic and environmental opportunities. Allison and Megan saw that these opportunities, such as fair wages, health care, microcredit, literacy programs, anti-trafficking education and relevant skills training were changing lives.

By choosing to work within these existing frameworks, Allison and Megan, through The Little Sparrow, are able to provide a sustainable ongoing business relationship and access for these skilled artisans to a wider market. They work along side groups that are using their unique skills and knowledge to provide a practical solution to the needs in their own communities. Allison and Megan want to provide you, our customer with beautifully handmade, one off pieces that are fair,ethical AND fun!

Beautiful products should also be beautifully made!

Allison and Megan x

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Mar 12, 2013

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“I love the dinosaurs, they promote imagination and play!!”

Tarryn A